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Latest TV Series

Supergirl – Season 6 2015–2021

The adventures of Superman's cousin in her own superhero career.

Stars: Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, David Harewood, Mehcad Brooks

6.3 IMDB Rating 1,335 Views
The Good Doctor – Season 4 2017–

Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism and Savant syndrome, is recruited into the surgical unit of a prestigious hospital.

Stars: Freddie Highmore, Antonia Thomas, Hill Harper, Richard Schiff

8.2 IMDB Rating 9,280 Views
Batwoman – Season 2 2019–

Kate Kane seeks justice for Gotham City as Batwoman.

Stars: Camrus Johnson, Rachel Skarsten, Meagan Tandy, Nicole Kang

3.4 IMDB Rating 1,900 Views
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – Season 1 2021

Following the events of 'Avengers: Endgame,' Sam Wilson/Falcon and Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier team up in a global adventure that tests their abilitie...

Stars: Daniel Brühl, Desmond Chiam, John Gettier, Miki Ishikawa

The Flash – Season 7 2014–

After being struck by lightning, Barry Allen wakes up from his coma to discover he's been given the power of super speed, becoming the next Flash, fig...

Stars: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Tom Cavanagh, Danielle Panabaker

7.7 IMDB Rating 7,488 Views
Riverdale – Season 5 2017–

While navigating the troubled waters of romance, school and family, Archie and his gang become entangled in dark Riverdale mysteries.

Stars: K.J. Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse

6.9 IMDB Rating 2,439 Views
The Walking Dead – Season 10 2010–

Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma to learn the world is in ruins, and must lead a group of survivors to stay alive.

Stars: Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira

8.3 IMDB Rating 50,420 Views

Latest Anime

Nanatsu no Taizai: Fundo no Shinpan 2021–

Musim keempat Nanatsu no Taizai.

Director: Studio Deen

Stars: Yûki Kaji, Rintarou Nishi, Misaki Kuno, Bryce Papenbrook

8.1 IMDB Rating 9,818 Views
Blue Reflection Ray 2021

This is a story of connecting shining emotions.Joy, sadness, anger. Feelings are a power, invisible to the eye, that every person possesses. Sometimes...

Director: Mainichi Broadcasting System, Magic Capsule, DMM pictures

Kyuukyoku Shinka Shita Full Dive RPG ga Genjitsu yori mo Kusogee Dattara 2021–

Yuuki Hiroshi has just picked up Kiwame Quest, the realest VRMMO ever made. But this RPG is TOO lifelike; he can smell, taste, feel, and when he's hur...

Stars: Ai Fairouz, Haruki Ishiya, Ayana Taketatsu

Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood 2021–

Set in 1931 A young woman looking for revenge.

Stars: Ayasa Itô, Chikahiro Kobayashi, Suzuko Mimori

Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS 2020

A new television anime series for the 20th anniversary of the anime franchise.

Director: Bridge

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Season 2 2021–

A human child is adopted by a demon and sent to a demon school. He must find a way to survive in the dangerous but fun world he has entered.

Stars: Kellen Goff, Brandon Winckler, D.C. Douglas, Ryan Colt Levy

7.6 IMDB Rating 39 Views
Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou Desu 2021–

Sei, perempuan kantoran berusia 20 tahun yang tiba-tiba dipanggil ke dunia lain setelah lembur kerja. Namun, ritual pemanggilannya ternyata tak sesuai...


Latest Update

Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui 2021–

Sekali jatuh cinta, sudah tak dapat dihentikan. Pertemuan aneh yang dialami oleh Amakusa Ryo, pebisnis elit yang ngeSIMP gila kepada teman adiknya, Ar...

Stars: Junya Enoki, Kana Hanazawa, Ryohei Kimura, Yurie Kozakai

Hige o Soru. Soshite Joshikousei o Hirou. 2021–

An office worker takes in a runaway school girl. Despite the difference in age and personalities, they form a bond.

Director: Pony Canyon, Magic Capsule, Dream Shift

Stars: Kazuyuki Okitsu, Kana Ichinose, Kaori Ishihara, Hisako Kanemoto

Fumetsu no Anata e 2021–

Makhluk abadi misterius dikirim ke Bumi tanpa emosi ataupun identitas. Tapi, ia mampu mengambil bentuk apapun yang berada di sekitarnya yang memiliki ...

Stars: Rikako Aikawa, Rie Hikisaka, Reiji Kawashima, Mitsuki Saiga

Fruits Basket: The Final 2019–

Final season of Fruits Basket.

Stars: Manaka Iwami, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Yuma Uchida, Yûichi Nakamura

8.4 IMDB Rating 262 Views
Mars Red 2021–

This is a tale about humans and vampires. Taishou Romantism: the blooming era. Ladies and gentlemen chat in cafes about the avant-garde and other Euro...

Megalo Box Season 2 2018–

Junk Dog, an underground fighter with the alias of "Gearless Joe" sets out to join the worlds most prestigious mecha boxing championship, Megalonia.

Director: Tohokushinsha Film Corporation

Stars: Yoshimasa Hosoya, Shirô Saitô, Hiroki Yasumoto, Nanako Mori

7.8 IMDB Rating 504 Views
Woman in the Woods (2020) 2020

When Jason's father dies, he goes on an adventure to his father's homeland, The Philippines, to honor his memory and experience the stories he grew up...

Director: Kevin Ang

Stars: Ireno Alcala, Lotlot Bustamante, Mercedes Cabral, Louisa Cho

8.0 IMDB Rating 280 Views
Devil’s Whisper (2017) 2019

A teenage boy aspires to be a priest. But he's tormented by a demon bent on possessing him. Will his faith be enough to save his soul?

Director: Adam Ripp

Stars: Luca Oriel, Dave Abdalian, Violkys Bustamante, Julie Collins

4.2 IMDB Rating 1,026 Views
Red Devil (2019) 2019

An intertwining tale of sex, drugs, rock and woe.

Director: Savvas D. Michael

Stars: Jack Turner, Steven Berkoff, Vas Blackwood, Ian Reddington

4.7 IMDB Rating 59 Views
Alpha Code (2020) 2020

Johana, a woman with no past, is hiding from a UN Agent Bowie, a head of secret space program. On her run she meets Martin and with help of Bowie's ex...

Director: Keoni Waxman

Stars: Bren Foster, Denise Richards, Randy Couture, Marek Vasut

3.1 IMDB Rating 72 Views
Love Me, Love Me Not (2020) 2020

The love affairs of four schoolkids: a romantic, a pragmatist, an airhead and a lothario.

Director: Toshimasa Kuroyanagi

Stars: Eiji Akaso, Riko Fukumoto, Minami Hamabe, Megumi Han

8.3 IMDB Rating 44 Views
Dragon, Ie o Kau 2021–

When a dragon fails to live up to the fearsome standards set for him, his family kicks him out. He embarks on a quest to find a new home, but soon fin...

Seobok (2021) 2021

Ex intelligence agent Ki Heon is tasked with safely transporting Seo Bok, the first ever human clone, who holds the secret of eternal life. Several fo...

Director: Yong-Joo Lee

Stars: Park Bo-Gum, Gong Yoo, Jang Young-Nam, Woo-jin Jo

8.6 IMDB Rating 407 Views
Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace (2020) 2020

Second chances start when a hardened criminal crosses paths with a precocious little girl who is helped by an angel to change hearts during the holida...

Director: Rob Diamond

Stars: Scarlett Diamond, Vincent Vargas, Adam Hightower, Florencia Contreras Stevens

6.4 IMDB Rating 94 Views
Queen of Hearts (2019) 2019

A successful lawyer jeopardizes her career and threatens to tear her family apart after engaging in an affair with her teenage stepson.

Director: May el-Toukhy

Stars: Trine Dyrholm, Gustav Lindh, Magnus Krepper, Liv Esmår Dannemann

7.1 IMDB Rating 260 Views
Little Kingdom (2019) 2019

War. Soldier JACK deserts his unit and finds his wife Eva in isolated village in the mountains. She moved there to work in a factory unaware of the cr...

Director: Peter Magat

Stars: Alicia Agneson, Brian Caspe, Mark Fleischmann, David Hartl

6.4 IMDB Rating 73 Views
Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken 2020–

Dai is the only human living on the island and ho dream is to grow up to be a hero.

Stars: Ai Furihata, Saori Hayami, Yôko Hikasa

Sentouin, Hakenshimasu! 2021–

Dominasi dunia hampir dalam genggaman mereka, Pemimpin Tertinggi Perusahaan Kisaragi — sebuah kelompok kriminal bawah tanah yang berubah menjadi megac...

Director: Nippon Columbia, Kadokawa

Stars: Yûsuke Shirai, Miyu Tomita

Bungo Stray Dogs Wan! 2021–

Merupakan Versi Lain atau Versi Lelucon dari anime Bungou Stray Dogs dimana para karakter menjadi miniatur yang imut dan menjadi pengalaman baru dalam...

Back Arrow 2021–

Lingalind is a land enclosed by the Wall. The Wall covers, protects, cultivates, and nurtures the land. One day in Edger, a village on the outskirts o...

Director: Aniplex

Stars: Yûki Kaji, Tomokazu Sugita, Kenshô Ono, Ryôtarô Okiayu

Ròm (2019) 2019

Movie story revolves around the life, fate of street children, homeless, specializing in selling lottery results every afternoon.

Director: Tran Thanh Huy

Stars: Tran Anh Khoa, Anh Tu, Jayvee Mai The Hiep, Mai Tran

7.1 IMDB Rating 188 Views
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 2017–

Naruto was A Young Shinobi with an inchorrigible knack for mischief.He achieved his ream to become the greatest ninja in the village and his face sits...

Stars: Yûko Sanpei, Kokoro Kikuchi, Ryûichi Kijima, Kenshô Ono

7.0 IMDB Rating 1,576,568 Views 1 Comment
Kamen Rider Saber 2020–2021

Since ancient times, there have been books responsible for all of Earth's civilisation. These books were written with all sorts of myths, stories, liv...

Stars: Shuichiro Naito, Takaya Yamaguchi, Asuka Kawazu, Robin Furuya

6.6 IMDB Rating 7,541 Views
Digimon Adventure (2020) 2020–

Anak kelas lima SD bernama Taichi bersiap melakukan perkemahan libur musim panas, namun ibu dan adiknya bernama Hikari pergi ke Shibuya menaiki kereta...

Stars: Yumiko Kobayashi, Masako Nozawa, Volcano Ota, Chika Sakamoto

7.8 IMDB Rating 18,766 Views
One Piece part 2 1999–

Follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his friends in order to find the greatest treasure ever left by the legendary Pirate, Gol D Roger. The f...

Stars: Mayumi Tanaka, Tony Beck, Laurent Vernin, Akemi Okamura

8.6 IMDB Rating 837,563 Views
A Wrinkle in Time (2018) 2018

After the disappearance of her scientist father, three peculiar beings send Meg, her brother, and her friend to space in order to find him.

Director: Ava DuVernay

Stars: Storm Reid, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling

4.2 IMDB Rating 1,330 Views
The Aeronauts (2019) 2019

Pilot Amelia Rennes (Felicity Jones) and scientist James Glaisher (Eddie Redmayne) find themselves in an epic fight for survival while attempting to m...

Director: Tom Harper

Stars: Felicity Jones, Vincent Perez, Phoebe Fox, Lewin Lloyd

6.6 IMDB Rating 1,438 Views
The Year Earth Changed (2021) 2021

A fresh new approach to the global lockdown and the uplifting stories that have come out of it. People all over the world have had the chance to engag...

Director: Tom Beard

Stars: David Attenborough

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